Etiquette for Limousine and Car Services

Etiquette for Limousine and Car Services

Many citizens reserve using a car service for special events such as birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties, family reunions, marriages, and so on. Since it’s rare for certain people to ask for a limo or taxi service, or whether they’re new to or haven’t used one in a while, it’s easy to forget or be ignorant of car service protocol. Here are a few tips to keep in mind the next time you use a limo or a car service.


It’s definitely a good idea to know how many passengers will be getting in the car or limo ahead of time. Though it will seem that big cars and limos will accommodate as many people as they want if they squish together, there are safety regulations that must be followed. Also, for everyone’s pleasure, it’s better that all passengers feel relaxed and have plenty of space to rest.


Before you hire a limo driver, make sure you know where you’re headed. Though you can make some modifications when you hire a car service or a limo, it is best to have a plan in place ahead of time. You should be able to tell the driver when you expect to be picked up from each location and when you need to be picked up. Evaluate how long it would take to have all of your visitors ready to travel from one place to the next while preparing.


If you have a particular car in mind, make a request for it. Jupiter Limo Services is always willing to assist in every way possible. If you’re a nonsmoker, order a nonsmoking vehicle and inquire about cigarette and alcohol policies while making reservations.


When you book with us, we want you to have the full experience. When getting into the sedan, make sure to walk and slip into it rather than walking in with your backside sticking out the door. Leave the limo in the same manner: walk out first, then slip your legs out the door.


When you employ a chauffeur for car service, one of the things they do is open and shut the car or limo door. We want to treat you as if you were our hosts. Enable us to load and unload your baggage from the car if you have it with you. As previously mentioned, we want you to have the best possible experience in a chauffeured car or limo.


When you ride in a limo or use a car service, you can still tip the driver. When tipping a driver, you can generally tip 20% of your overall bill. But, before you tip, double-check that the tip hasn’t been inserted automatically.


Though we still clean our vehicles and limousines, it is better to clean up after yourself and your group after your trip. Take all with you, including garbage, party favours, and other personal things.

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