Being a parent, the security of the children is your first priority. To best prepare their teens for their night out may leave parents on the edge of panic. To make their teen’s night fun and memorable, parents make sure to find the perfect dress or tux along with reliable transportation. From tuxedos to prom dresses, limo rides to song requests, teens are busy doing everything they can to make this a perfect night. While this can be a stressful time for some teenagers, it can prove to be even more stressful for their parents.

Here are some tips to help parents to prepare for their kid’s prom night:
1. Get reliable and secure contact information: Make sure; you have contacts of all the adults supervising the event or the party. You will want to have quick access to the information of those that can help in case of emergency. You will breathe much easier if you have the pertinent information about keeping your child safe. Also, keep the driver’s number with you if you are hiring a transportation provider. Your transportation provider should ALWAYS provide you with the driver’s name and contact information. Having a simple list of names and phone numbers can help take the edge off.
2. Communication is the key: Allow your kids to understand that you want them to be safe and that they can talk to you if needed. Do not lecture your teen rather make them understand the rules of prom and the dangers that come with it. Make sure you make your teen believe that you are available for on one call. It’s a conversation so let your teen express his side as well.
3. Set reasonable expectations: Set reasonable expectations and let your teenager know that you want them to have a blast but that they need to be safe, responsible, and respect your rules. Do not go to sleep until you know they’ve made it home safely. Make sure your teen knows this. Give them to confidence to make smart decisions.
4. Get the schedule: Make sure that you have the itinerary for the evening. Know where the venue is, what stops the vehicle will be making, when the event begins and ends, and when to expect your teen home.
5. Know the driver: It is crucial to know who is driving, does not matter if you have the itinerary. If there is a limo or party bus involved, you have the advantage of knowing who is behind the wheel and having their contact information. One major benefit of using a transportation provider is having peace of mind knowing that your teen’s driver is fully licensed, insured, and background-checked — and if they’re not, you should probably use a different company. Don’t let any of the teens drive because of the risks that come with distracted driving and underage drinking.
6. Say “NO” if necessary: Don’t be afraid to say to any of their requests that just don’t sit well with you. No matter the occasion, safety is the first priority.
7. Secure reliable transportation: No teen wants their parents to drop them and their date off at the prom, and it’s a fact. You can trust the transportation provider to drop off your teen safely and conveniently. Up until now, you’ve probably never had to book chauffeured transportation. A lot of companies realize this and prey on the lack of knowledge, touting super low pricing — and they end up being a scam. Whichever company you choose for your teen’s prom night transportation, make sure you do your research. Check out online reviews and ask friends and family for recommendations.
8. Enjoy yourself: If you are a chaperone, enjoy the magical night of prom. If you are staying away from the action, be happy in the fact that your child is experiencing a night that he or she will remember forever.

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