10 things you can’t do in a Limousine

10 things you can’t do in a Limousine

Most limo rides are uneventful and without issues, whether they are for personal or commercial reasons. But, like with anything else in life, things can always go wrong. Read this article to make your next limo journey more comfortable and incident-free.
Here are ten things to think about as you prepare to ride in a limousine or sedan. Although some of these may seem self-evident, we will always strive to provide the best possible service to our customers, whether it’s a journey to the airport or a night out on the town.

When traveling in a limousine or sedan, avoid making the following mistakes:

It’s a general rule that if it’s unlawful everywhere, it’s also illegal in a limo. Don’t even consider bringing or taking banned substances while riding. Using drugs in a limo is not only prohibited, but it also puts your driver in jeopardy if authorities suspect they were complicit in your drug use. We know this is a no-brainer, and in our years of service, none of our customers has ever taken such a dangerous step.


The use of cigarettes and other tobacco products is now banned in most limousine contracts. The reason for this is that the soft surfaces in a limo attract odors; the scent of cigarettes will stay long after the passengers have left. Consider how uncomfortable the ride will be for the next passengers. If you smoke in one of their vehicles, several limo companies will charge you a high cleaning fee. You can’t live without your cigarettes? If you ask ahead of time and smoke outside the vehicle, most drivers will gladly stop; allow a cigarette break.

3. Questionable Business Operations:

Conducting business in a limo screams power and success — as long as the business is lawful. An escort service, a gambling ring, or organized crime syndicates do not belong in a limo. All kidding aside, engaging in any illegal conduct will result in the limo business terminating your contract immediately (not to mention some serious jail time).

4. DRINKING (If you are underage):

There is no room for ambiguity here. No one under the age of 21 is permitted to consume alcohol in a limo, regardless of the occasion or how dark the windows may be tinted.

5. Having More Passengers Than Seating capacity:

If you’ve reserved an eight-passenger limo, your chauffeur will be irritated if 12 passengers arrive. This is not the time to attempt to set a world record for the number of people in a car. The safety of everyone inside a limo is the responsibility of the chauffeur. Too many passengers aren’t just dangerous; it’s also prohibited.

6. Engaging in Lewd Acts:

Limos, of course, have privacy screens. Yes, your driver won’t be able to see what’s going on inside the passenger compartment once the screen is lifted, but keep in mind who will hire the vehicle after you. Keep in mind that if you leave the limo in less-than-perfect condition, you will be responsible for any cleanup costs.

7. Loud Arguments or Making a scene:

Your chauffeur, fellow passengers, and any surrounding passersby don’t want to hear the details of your loud, inebriated, and emotional rants and disputes. Situations can quickly spiral out of control, especially when alcohol is involved. In a limo, if things get out of hand, we advise taking a few minutes to relax. If the driver urges you to calm down, don’t be abusive; this, too, can result in your contract being canceled.

8. Making a mess:

It’s not a good idea to get ill in a limo or re-enact the epic food fight scene from Animal House. Any messes you leave behind at the end of the trip will almost certainly be charged a cleaning fee, much like smoking. Before you sign on the dotted line, read your rental contract carefully: many of them forbid you from bringing food into the limo due to aromas or the risk of spills.

9. Damaging the limousine:

If your pals enjoy a good brawl or wrestling battle after a night out on the town, you might want to think twice about renting a limo with them. While your group is in the limo, you are responsible for any damage to the limo. Physical damage to the chairs, the wet bar, the TV displays, the stereo system, and other items are included. These vehicles represent a considerable financial investment for the limo firm and a source of income for your chauffeur.

10. Horsing around with sunroof:

Remember all those movie sequences where the actors are standing up or sitting on the edge of the limo’s open sunroof as the car goes down the street? What’s more, guess what? All of this is done for dramatic effect. They’re breaking the rules, to be sure. While the limo is traveling, many firms will close and lock the sunroof. Want to catch that perfect image of everyone waving out the sunroof while standing up? Wait until the limo has come to a complete stop in the park so that everyone may remain safe while still having a wonderful photo opportunity.

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