Are you fond of those extra-long stretched white limos? The one that flashes the classy and stylish vibes. The deluxe car having all the trendy and high-tech features, the leathered posh seats just takes away your heart. You sooooo want to ride that luxurious vehicle. And why not? Miami limo and the black car presents you it’s one of the most luxurious fleets of all times – the white Escalade limousine. This type of limo is for your most special events, the wedding arrival, prom night, hen night, stag party, cruise transportation, you can even hire it for a personal long drive experience. Get ready to endure something very unique and pompous. The best fleet of all has the following features:

  • Accommodates 18 passengers
  • Posh leathered wraparound seats
  • Lightening plates with color-changing neons
  • Complimentary water bottles and ice bins
  • Laser light show, strobe lights
  • Outfitted with flat TV screens
  • Powerful audio system

Hire this incredible fleet from Miami limo and black car. The very very stylish, updates designed Escalade limo will provide you luxury in its every ride. The chauffeur’s services will make your experience even more wonderful. Book our fleet services to endure an amazing ride.